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The Royal Wings Cruise give you a chance to explore the Gulf of tonkin by canoeing around upon your request. The canoeing experience leads you to different states of extremely exciting feeling for more than 10 minutes. When the canoe speeds up, get ready for a long haul at high speed in to the adventure to discover the World Heritage Site in unique style. Just put away your worries and relax yourself with original landscape. What you can see during such a tour are the super view of thousands of islands and islets emerging from the turquoise waters as well as various tourist boats in different shapes, sizes and colors cruising the bay or docking at the tourist boat ferry on Halong bay. Never mind whether in case of fear or excitement, this activity is very safe as the driver knows how fast he should run the canoe to bring you the speed-up feeling and maintain it at the speed enough to let you see the view of the UNESCO-listed bay.

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