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Halong Bay is a paradise for photographers as each of its rock formations is unique to itself. Tour companies always offer tourists plenty of choices of where to stop and each stop is a guaranteed memorable one. Some of the most popular activities in Halong Bay are swimming, fishing, snorkeling and kayaking, trekking and cycling. It is truly a paradise for active visitors.

Tai Chi lession on board

Tai Chi is a famous Chinese gymnastics , a mix of gestures and postures made by chaining. The principle is simple. This is making slow movements and flexible. These must always be made continuously, the sequences can sometimes be up to 100 different movements! Breathing is also the focus of the exercises. It must be slow and deep. Ideal for your body balance and rejuvenation, reduce stress and enhance your psychological health. Royal Wings offers daily practice of Tai Chi, promoting mental clarity and a healthy body. Early birds are welcome to attend sunrise Tai Chi on our upper deck and it's an excellent way to get your energy levels up for a new day's adventure. Getting up early amidst Halong bay and practice Tai Chi session on sun deck while the Natural Wonder around is slowly waking up. Make sure you are on our Taichi clothes to enjoy early morning Taichi session on board.

Sqid fishing at night

One of the most interesting activities in Halong bay at night is squid fishing where you can experience the feeling of being a fisherman. You are guided how to catch squid with fishing rods and racquets by our staff. During the squid season, you can see large shoals of squids surrounding the cruiser easily and may catch an average of 30 squids for each squid fishing night. It will be used to make dishes for you to enjoy, this is also an ideal time to gaze Halong Bay by night. The sea water surface is sparkling with reflected light from cruises anchored on the bay. Foreign tourists are extremely fond of boiled whole squids because when eating, they can enjoy the interesting feeling of ink line breaking out pitch-black in the mouth, splashing all over the face and taking pictures. The tourists eat while singing Karaoke and dancing. In alcohol yeast, everyone becomes enthusiasm and excited singers and dancers.

Swimming in Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a ideal travel destination - a World Heritage Site, with thousands of limestone islands and caves. There are countless places to stop for swimming, fishing, snorkeling and kayaking when cursing around islands. There are many charming and attractive beaches; it is suitable for swimming activities such as Tra Gioi Beach, Ba Cua Beach, Tuan Chau Beach, Titov Beach, Minh Chau Beach. The stunning scenery of sheer mountain cliffs rising out of the bay makes an ideal backdrop to water-based activities.The water of beach is emerald green and turquoise color so you cannot see the bottom. Halong Bay is the safe place for swimming. Because beach is calm waters and tourists will be provided useful equipment such as: life jackets. Moreover the sailors and staff of the ship watched while you were swimming to alert you for dangers in case. Swimming in Halong bay is really nice and refreshing.

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